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How do I arrange respite care?

An assessment will be carried out to find out what needs a person has and whether there are any other services available that could also help.

Respite care is a service that can be provided to anyone who is eligible for care and support needs. Respite care is normally provided to people who have someone in their family, or a friend or a neighbour, that provides support on a regular basis and requires a break from that caring role.

How can I organise respite care?

After the assessment, if it has been agreed that respite care is required, a discussion will take place to see how you would like to take your respite.

Employing a personal assistant for your respite care

If you receive a Direct Payment, you can employ your own personal assistant. You will be their employer. This means you will be responsible for paying their wages, as well as keeping records and organising the support you need. You may also need to pay taxes and pensions.

You will need to think about:

  • how many personal assistants you need to employ
  • what hours they will work
  • how much you will pay them

Paying for respite

You may need to contribute towards any care and support that is provided, including respite. A financial assessment will be carried out and will be based on your individual circumstances.

Choosing a Direct Payment

A Direct Payment means that we will provide you with an amount of money to meet your respite needs. This means that you can choose how you want to spend that money. For example, in residential care, you may want to have a care agency come in and help, or you may want to employ a personal assistant. This can allow you more flexibility and control of when and how you take respite.

Contact the Direct Payment support service

Call: 01296 382527
Email: [email protected]