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Request a mental capacity assessment

What is a mental capacity assessment?

Mental capacity is the ability to make and communicate decisions. A person may lack mental capacity if they cannot understand or remember the information needed to make a particular decision or communicate that decision. This could be due to a health condition or disability.

A mental capacity assessment aims to establish whether or not an individual is able to safely make a particular decision. It relates to a specific decision at the specific time the decision needs to be made. For example, a decision about the care a person needs.

Things to consider before your mental capacity assessment:

  • is there a time of day that you find better for decision making?
  • will a number of meetings/visits be required?
  • do you have any wishes or feelings about the decision?
  • would you like any support with the decision?
  • how do you like information to be presented to you?
  • what type of information do you think you need to make the decision?

We will talk to you about why a decision needs to be made, support you to make a decision if you are able to, and explain the next steps if you are not able to make a decision. We will ensure that you are supported with the next steps and will explain what will happen after the assessment. You will also be sent a copy of your mental capacity assessment.

How do I request one?

To request a mental capacity assessment, you should contact your social worker. If you do not have a social worker or do not know their details, you can contact our First Response Team

Self-referral: Submit a Request for Support
Email: [email protected]
Call: 01296 383204

For more information, please see factsheet 'My mental capacity assessment' on our Factsheets page.