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Request a telecare assessment

What is a telecare assessment?

Telecare (sometimes called Assistive Technology or Technology Enabled Care) is a range of electronic equipment designed to help people continue to live independently at home for longer.

Telecare can:

  • remind you of things you need to do, e.g. when to take your tablets
  • send an alert to a response centre or carer if you need help
  • use GPS technology to ensure you are safe when out and about in the community

A telecare assessment will help to determine if there is any equipment that can help you to live independently. Our partners at NRS Healthcare provide the full assessment and installation process. After your assessment, you will be offered the appropriate equipment to meet your needs.

How do I request a telecare assessment?

Your assessment, equipment and installation are provided free of charge. However, there is a weekly fee for monitored technology, such as a lifeline alarm system. You will be financially assessed to work out how much you would need to contribute each week, up to the maximum weekly charge for monitoring of £4.51. Costs will be explained to you during your assessment so that you can make an informed choice about which equipment you would like.

To request an assessment, click here

Please note that we are not able to provide a telecare service to a person living in a residential home. If you are concerned that the care home is not able to support the need for assistive technology, please contact NRS who will be able to advise the care home on commercially available products.