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Employment for people with disabilities

Advice around finding paid employment if you have a disability.

Working in a team

Working in a team


Back2Base helps people with learning difficulties, mental health problems and disabilities find paid employment.

We work with you to identify your skills and help you find suitable employment. We can also support you and your colleagues when you are working.

  • Individual focus – identifying aspirations and talents
  • Long-term commitment - ongoing support at work
  • Adaptable support - your needs are considered
  • Social inclusion - you will be fully integrated with your colleagues
  • Community employers - jobs with ordinary employers
  • Worthwhile jobs - jobs are real and valued by the company
  • Terms of employment - equal wages, working conditions, promotion possibilities and general terms of employment

Back2base for employers

We welcome employment or placements that give our clients with disabilities the chance to experience work and financial independence.


  • Wider range of skills and experiences can create new opportunities
  • Keeps you in touch with the needs of your customers and suppliers
  • Adjustments made to assist a person with disabilities often benefit other employees and customers
  • Demonstrates your business is committed to equal opportunities and social inclusion

We provide for free

  • Access to available and committed employees
  • Support through regular visits and reviews
  • Help and advice for the employer to support the client and their colleagues
  • Assistance for candidates in the recruitment process
  • Information and advice on the Disability Discrimination Act

For further information please email [email protected] or telephone 07932 742267

Help from other organisations

There are several organisations and charities who offer advice, information and support for people with disabilities who are seeking work.