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Physical and sensory disabilities

The word disability covers a vast range of different things, from mild to more severe impairments.

Wheelchair basketball

Wheelchair basketball

Physical Disabilities

A physical disability means a loss or limitation to a physical function which may affect a person’s mobility, dexterity or stamina on a long term basis.

Sensory Disabilities

A sensory disability affects one or more senses; sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste or spatial awareness. Sight and hearing loss are common sensory disabilities. Often these would be referred to as sensory impairments.

A person does not have to have full loss of a sense to be sensory impaired.

Help and advice

Sensory Services in Bucks

Sensory Services

Information about various services for people with sensory issues, including Buckinghamshire Integrated Sensory Service.

Carers, families and professionals can also use our services.

Buckinghamshire Falls Prevention

Falls are the most common type of accident in the home.

The Falls Prevention website aims to provide information for all those who are concerned with the issue around falls.

Falls Prevention

Prevention Matters

When all that’s needed is a little help to stay independent and active, Prevention Matters can find ways to support you. It is a complete and free advice service to help you before personal health or social problems become critical.

You can contact Prevention Matters by:

Phone 01296 484322
Email [email protected]

Or asking your GP or health professional about the service

You can read more on the Prevention matters website.

Helpful Equipment and Technology

Even simple equipment can mean the difference between living independently and needing someone to look after you. See how this can help with the equipment and technology area on this site.