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How we can help you become independent again (reablement)

The Home Independence Team can help you become as independent as possible.

What is reablement?

Reablement is a short-term, FREE service, delivered in your own home, to help you become independent again, for example after an illness or operation.

The service is provided by trained staff from the Home Independence Team who will support you to rebuild confidence in the skills you need for day-to-day living and become as independent as possible. This may be support with your personal care, to manage medication, prepare a meal and getting out and about.

The reablement service can also help with providing equipment you might need to help you with your daily living.

Talk with your GP, hospital staff or social worker. If they agree with you that, with extra support, you should be able to continue to live at home, they can ask the Home Independence Team to provide you with short-term support to help you regain skills and confidence.

How it works

A member of the Home Independence Team will visit you to agree what support you need and how they will provide this. They will discuss with you what your goals are and work out a programme to help you achieve them. They will also do a risk assessment to make sure that we work with you safely and securely.

The Reablement service is provided for a short time, up to a maximum of six weeks. The aim during that time is to give you as much support as you need and help you to be as independent as possible.

There will be regular meetings with you and any family or carers you have to see how you are getting on. If your needs change during the Reablement period then, with your agreement, the Home Independence Team will arrange for a Care Manager to carry out a full assessment for your longer-term needs.

Contacting Home Independence

For further information you can talk with your GP, Hospital staff, social worker, District Nurses, over 75s Nurses.

Alternatively contact Buckinghamshire Council by:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 03007 772002

The Reablement Factsheet can be found on the Factsheets page.