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Meal deliveries to your home

Hot lunchtime meals or a tea time snack delivered to your home by Apetito Ltd.

Apetito Ltd supply over 200,000 meals to the people of Buckinghamshire each year on our behalf. This is sometimes known as 'meals on wheels'. Each meal is nutritionally balanced and Apetito caters for different types of diets and cultural needs.

Apetito Ltd
Unit 6 Garside Way
HP20 1BH

Telephone 08082 785 340

Get a discount on your meals

You may qualify for a discount if you're assessed as needing a hot or tea time meal.

Contact us to arrange an assessment:

First Response Team
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 01296 383 204

How to pay

There are 3 ways to pay:

  1. Direct debit - this is the easiest and preferred payment method and in most cases, will be the chosen payment method.
  2. Pay the delivery agent each week by cash or cheque
  3. You or a family member can be invoiced monthly

Flexible deliveries and cancellations

You can have meals delivered on days that suit you.

You can also cancel a meal without charge on the day so long as you call Apetito before 10am.

If you are going out at delivery time please call Apetito, otherwise your delivery agent will worry about your safety and contact your next of kin or neighbour.

Delivery drivers

All drivers have been DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked, wear a uniform and carry an identification badge. If you’re unsure who is at your door, just phone the Apetito office for verification.

They will carry out basic safety and wellbeing checks as well as having comprehensive training on diet and nutrition, including the needs of people with dementia.