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Housing and care home options


If you're finding it difficult to cope at home, there are lots of options available to you, including:

  • adapting your current home to make it work for you
  • moving to self contained accommodation or a nursing home

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Staying at home

If you don't feel that moving house is the right option for you, that's ok. We can help adapt your current home so that you can stay where you are.

This can include:

We can talk you through what help you may need. Contact us for a free health and needs assessment.

Moving to a new home

If you think that you can no longer safely stay in your current home, we can help you find somewhere more suitable to live and possibly help with funding.

This could be:

Find out more about renting from the council or a housing association (citizens

Buckinghamshire's social housing scheme

Find out about the Bucks Home Choice scheme that allocates social housing in Buckinghamshire.

Find out about the scheme