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Homecare (non-residential) costs

Schedule of fees and charges

Find out how we charge and what it may cost for non-residential care

Fees are valid from 10 April 2023 until further notice

Care package set up fee

Care package set up fee ( Brokerage ) - £344

Meal delivery

Main meal per day - £6.57


Per Return journey - £17.40

Day care

General day care £74.42

High Dependency day care £97.56

Home care

Home care per hour single handed - £23.00

Home care per hour double handed - £46.00

Telecare ( Assistive Technology )

Landline base system per week - £4.90

Mobile service per week - £8.61

Medication/welfare call - £2.00 per call

Money Management – administration charge, Set up by the Council

Customer has less than £1,000 capital – no charge

Customer has more than £1,000 capital - £3.92 per week