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Better Lives strategy

A strategy for the future of adult social care in Buckinghamshire

As an organisation, we need to structure our services. We believe that by focusing on three key areas, we can be more flexible and personal in our response to people.

‘Better Lives’ - three key parts

'Better Lives' outcomes

Both now and in the future:

  • more people will live independently without the need for long-term services
  • fewer people will need to be in residential or nursing care
  • more people will stay living independently after leaving hospital
  • young people moving from children’s services will be better prepared for adulthood
  • more people will have control over their support through Direct Payments.

Contact Better lives

email: [email protected]

Local Account

The Local Account for Buckinghamshire Adult Social Care 2019/20, describes our achievements and improvements in the past year and our vision for the future.

Your feedback remains important to us. If you have any questions regarding the data, content of the report or you wish to leave feedback, you can email [email protected]. We also welcome to any ideas on how the future Local Account looks and what you would like to be included.