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Is there any equipment that can help me regain my independence?

Illness, falls or a stay in hospital are some of the reasons that can cause us to feel less independent than before. There are many different types of equipment that can help you to become more independent and do the tasks you used to be able to do.

Equipment can help us to climb the stairs, support us to sit, or stand at the kitchen sink. There is equipment that can assist us to get in and out of the bath or support us to shower. We may also need some help when we use the toilet.

Simple equipment can be the difference between needing support with a task or being independent again. If you sometimes struggle with everyday tasks, there is a range of equipment available to help make life easier:

  • when going to the toilet (commodes, raised toilet seats)
  • when using the bathroom (bath rails, bath boards)
  • when getting out of bed or a chair (bed and chair raisers, bed rails, hoists)
  • Technology Enabled Care (intercoms, sensors, personal alarms)

How can I get equipment?

You can buy equipment if you feel it would be helpful. If you are not sure what might be right for you, you can request advice or an assessment from the Occupational Therapy team.

To request an occupational therapy assessment, you can email [email protected] or call 01296 387024.

Smaller pieces of equipment such as easy to hold cutlery, easy pour kettles and zip pulls can make cooking, eating and dressing easier. They are available to buy at many different retailers.

You might decide to request a private occupational therapy assessment and purchase equipment through Safe and Well (NRS).