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I want to be able to continue to bathe independently

Being able to continue to do things independently, including the things we enjoy like having a bath or shower are important to our sense of wellbeing.

Our ability to wash independently is also a part of our daily routine and routines are an important part of life.

Bathing can be an area of our lives that we find physically challenging or we may feel unsafe doing so. There are different pieces of equipment and changes to your bathroom that can support you to be able to bathe independently, including:

  • Bath /shower board
  • Bath step and handrails
  • Swivel bather
  • Bath Lift
  • Bathing cushion

You can choose to buy equipment yourself on the open market or request advice from Occupational Therapy about what piece of equipment may be right for you.

You might decide to request a private Occupational Therapy assessment and purchase equipment through Safe and Well (NRS).