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I want to get in and out of my house confidently

There are many reasons why we want and need to leave our homes to access the wider community. This might include going to visit family, to go shopping, going to work or visiting your GP. We want to feel safe and confident. Sometimes, having something to hold on to or making changes to step layout can make a difference.

You may choose to arrange equipment or adaptations, such as handrails or a ramp by yourself. You can request advice from Occupational Therapy about measurements and gradients.

You can also request an Occupational Therapy assessment to help you identify what you might need to make getting in and out of the house easier.

Call: 01296 387024
Email: [email protected]

If you feel that you would not be able to get out of your home quickly in an emergency, you can access a free Fire Service home safety check

Fire and Wellness Visits - Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service (