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Employment and volunteering opportunities

Advice around finding paid employment if you have a disability.

Help from other organisations

There are several organisations and charities who offer advice, information and support for people with disabilities who are seeking work.

Buckinghamshire Disability Service

Buckinghamshire Disability Service offers a wide range of information on a number of services which may help people with disabilities. Subjects include advice on accessible transport, benefits, finances, crisis support and your rights.

They also offer a Reach4Work scheme which offers volunteering opportunities to help people gain work experience in skilled and semi-skilled roles. This is offered online so you can work from home.

For more information about the Buckinghamshire Disability Service:

Call: 01494 211179
[email protected]


BucksWorkability works to make employment fair and accessible for everyone, and is made up of local charities, local authorities and government agencies. It aims to help jobseekers with disabilities to find suitable employment services.

You can use its service finder tool to help narrow down which services would suit you best.