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How can advocacy help me?

How can an advocate help?

How can an advocate help?

Advocates can help you to speak for yourself and get your views across, or if you are not able to then they can speak on your behalf. Advocates are not able to make decisions for you or campaign on your behalf.

Buckinghamshire Council works with an organisation called POhWER for advocacy.


POhWER has been supporting people in Buckinghamshire since 2012. They provide free, independent and confidential advocacy, information and advice.

POhWER offers the following services in Buckinghamshire:

  • Care Act Advocacy
  • Community Advocacy (for adults aged 18+ who have care and support needs and their carers)
  • Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy
  • Independent Mental Health Advocacy

How to get in touch with POhWER:

Call: 0300 020 0092 (Buckinghamshire) or 0300 456 2370 (general)
Email: [email protected]
Website: (Buckinghamshire)

Independent Health Complaints Advocacy

If you have a complaint or grievance about poor treatment or service provided through the NHS in England, you can contact the following organisations directly:

If you need further support in making your complaint, you can contact an organisation called The Advocacy People.

The Advocacy People

The Advocacy People is an independent charity providing free and confidential support. They can help you to explore your options and decide what you want to do and how you want to do it.

Call: 0330 440 9000
Text: 80800, starting your message with the word "PEOPLE"
Email: [email protected]
Website: The Advocacy People Website