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Technology that can help me live independently

If you have memory issues (such as dementia) or a long-term health condition and are living at home independently, or if you are a carer for somebody who is, then Technology Enabled Care may be able to help you.

How technology enabled care can help

Technology Enabled Care, sometimes referred to as assistive technology or telecare, is a range of electronic equipment designed to help people remain living independently at home for longer.

Technology Enabled Care can:

  • Remind you of things you need to do, like when to take your tablets or if you have an appointment in your diary
  • Send an alert to a response centre or carer if you need help
  • Use GPS technology to ensure you remain safe when out and about in the local community

How to get what you need

If you wish to find out how Technology Enabled Care could support you to live independently, our partners at NRS Healthcare will be happy to provide some guidance. You can contact them direct via

There are many other companies that provide Technology Enabled Care services. When searching for information on the internet, the following search terms may be useful:

  • “Technology Enabled Care”
  • “Telecare”
  • “Pendant Alarm”
  • “Care Alarm”

Alternatively, if you need help, want to find out what support may be available, or if you are a carer who needs support, you can use our online service at Ask Adult Social Care for Help

The Council works in partnership with NRS Healthcare to deliver a Technology Enabled Care service that can provide you with the equipment you need to live independently if you have statutory care and support needs. If you have been assessed by a social care practitioner and they identify that Technology Enabled Care could support you, they will make a referral to the service with your agreement.

Following your Technology assessment, you may be offered appropriate equipment to meet your unique needs.

If you are referred to the service by a social care practitioner and the Technology Enabled Care is part of your care plan, the assessment, technology and installation will be provided free of charge.

For monitored technology, such as a lifeline alarm system, you will be financially assessed to determine how much you would need to contribute per week. Charging will be explained by NRS Healthcare during your assessment so you can make an informed choice about whether you wish to have the equipment installed. The current weekly charges are set out in the Council’s social care charging policy –Buckinghamshire Council - Non-Residential Charging Policy

NRS Healthcare also have Technology Enabled Care equipment that you can purchase privately if you do not wish to have an assessment. You will find information for this at

How do I get a key safe?

If you only need a key safe to help family or carers access your home, please contact Age UK who will advise you on what you need and how much this will cost.

Call: 01296 431 911
Email: [email protected]

Residential care homes

Please note that if you or the person you are asking for an assessment for someone who lives in a residential home, we are unable to provide a Technology Enabled Care service.

If you are concerned that the care home is not able to support the Technology Enabled Care need, they can contact NRS Healthcare who will be able to advise them on commercially available products and where to purchase these.

Call: 0345 121 8111