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What is a personal budget?

Your personal budget is the amount of money your local council will pay towards any social care and support you need.

How to get a personal budget

You will receive a personal budget if you're eligible for financial support from the council.

We will carry out a care needs assessment and a financial assessment or 'means test'.

We will then work with you, or your representative, to create a support plan.

Speak to the First Response Team

To arrange a care needs assessment, please get in touch.

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01296 383 204

Care and support plan

After your needs assessment has been carried out and your financial means test is reviewed, we will work with you, or your representative, to create a support plan.

The care and support plan will outline a package of services that is tailored to your own personal needs and preferences.

If you have a friend or family member who acts as a carer for you, their needs and opinions will also be reflected in your plan. Carers are also entitled to a separate assessment of their needs. Find out more about carers' assessments.

If you are in a financial position to pay for all of your care, you can still have the help of our experts to create a care and support plan that will best provide for your needs. In this situation we will ask you for a one-off fee of £250.

Calculating your personal budget

The cost of the package of services in your care and support plan is then worked out so that we can calculate how much your personal budget will be.

The council's contribution to your personal budget will also depend on the outcome of your means test.

Receiving your budget

You can choose how you receive your personal budget, by asking us to either:

  • manage your personal budget for you
  • pay the money to another organisation – such as a care provider
  • have a direct payment sent directly to you or someone you choose

Direct payments

You can choose to have all or part of your personal budget paid to you directly to give you more control over how your money is spent. Find out more about direct payments.